Lisa Redfern

Award-winning singer, songwriter & recording artist


Livingston Taylor 

"Wow. I haven't heard a voice like yours in 30 years, you sound like the original folk women."

Dirty Linen Magazine

"Redfern is one to watch."

Sing Out!

"Redfern strikes a good groove with 'Soundtracks', a delightful mixture of folk-style material and jazzy songs that resemble old standards...This entertaining CD is worthy of your time."

Face Magazine
" 'In the Asking' doesn't require you to punch out the songs that you don't like, because there won't be any..."

"The most amazing voice I have ever heard in my place."
Tom at The Groove in Tampa, FL.

"...there's an integrity to her music missing from many contemporary releases."
Sing Out!

"Lisa delivered in such mesmerizing fashion...honest, unadorned songwriting...the sweetest voice going."
The Capitol Sun Rays of 50 Oak Acoustic, SF

"Redfern applies the spirtual, ethereal feeling found in early mountain's just a reminder of what real music is capable of when it's set free"
Folk Roots


A Living Prayer (just released!)

"The new album is over-the-top wonderful...there is such sweet tenderness and comfort throughout that it totally wrapped me up in Love as I listened.." Susan in MO

"Your cd is so soulful and beautiful, your voice moves me to tears, you have a very special gift and I am so glad you made this cd!" Lori in CA

Sing Me Goodnight 

"You have a beautiful voice, every word is a kiss." David in NH

"That amazing voice, so angelic and yet so powerful and strong. It's just so healing." Kerry in CA

All is Bright

"What a perfect answer to the need for more soulful Christmas music. Thank you." John in CO

"Love love love these sacred, acoustic Christmas songs. A new favorite for our family!" Kathy in FL


"I am writing to tell you of the nurturing power of your music...spent 11 days in the life devoid of music until I played 'Soundtracks' -- the tears came, flooding my eyes with an overwhelming sense of coming home...once again, your soothing, healing voice." Tina in NH

"What an amazing CD you created!!! I love the variety of music, the words to your songs, your beautiful voice--you amaze me." Stacey in OR

No Small Thing

"I can't tell you how much I love this CD. A true gift to the world. You're a hot ticket!" Suzette in MO

"Really good work. I am stunned. The whole thing is great, you should be really proud!!" Brian in CA

Hushabye, Lullaby (out of print)

"My daughter is 5 and she has listened to your CD every night since she was born." Linda in TX

"We are loving your CD--what a beautiful and perfect gift...your lovely voice in our home as the kids get ready for bed every night...what a voice you have, what a blessing!" Evan in AZ

In The Asking

"Your music is beyond lovely and your lyrics poetic." Janet in MA

"I have listened to your CD probably 45 times since I got it. I love it." Barbara in NY